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In this new post I’m going to talk about our new application called Sievebox.

Sievebox is a feed application, a bit like feedly or Google Reader, but smart enough to know what you like, and only show you the interesting articles.

Sievebox is designed to help you search for interesting article and to provide a simple and powerfull interface.

What is the problem ?

You definitely like things : probably computer science and programming (else, you are completely lost my friend), maybe movies, soccer, 90′s rap, kiwi cake recipies, political news in Lesotho and many more things. When you have time to waste (at home, at work, in the subway, …), you may search websites to find something to read, to watch, to listen.
But you have to search, and often, you don’t really know what to search. News websites are great to read fresh information but there are many topics that are not interesting for you.

Feeds is quite good. But you must choose the websites you want to follow, and ever after that, you have to browse each of them to find something to read. And when you follow a website, you are not interested in all the subjects.
That’s why we have imagined Sievebox. This application looks for the information that interests you, and brings them to you.

How Sievebox works?

It’s as easy as checking the topics you like and reading the returned articles.
Let’s imagine you like space exploration, basket-ball (fan of L.A. Lakers), Star Wars and you are living in Los Angeles.

Without Sievebox

Let’s list what you are probably doing now to be informed, or just to spend time on the internet.

- you follow @NASA, @Lakers and @starwars on Twitter.
- you read the LA Times every day to know what happens in LA, and in the world.
- you browse Youtube to watch the best Lakers’s games and funny videos about Star Wars
- you read the same article about Apollo 11 again and again on Wikipedia
- you use Google News to have more news about space exploration
- maybe you know 2 or 3 interesting blogs about basketball

Lot of work, isn’t it?

With Sievebox

- you download Sievebox
- you check all the topics you are interested in
- all tweets, news, blog articles, video, … are now displayed on your dashboard

And that’s it.

The schema below describes how the interface would look like.

Once you have chosen your topics, you can browse the articles proposed by Sievebox. The differents sources of a same topic are gathered to avoid you to read the same thing again and again, like Google News does.
You can also have an idea of the time needed to read the article, based on your reading speed which is reevaluated each time you read something on Sievebox.

The relevance of the articles is adjusted depending on what other people who share your interests liked or not.
As a very fan of Star Wars, we don’t want you to read a poor article. Let’s other fans decide what articles are amazing.

Here is a draft of the Sievebox interface :

Capture du 2015-06-11 11:28:06

And a little video to present Sievebox :

What about now ?

The Sievebox application is in development and we’ll release a version alpha soon.
You can follow us on Twitter to stay in touch

You can (and should) also subscribe to get the early version of the application and benefit from advantages.
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