Create a custom form theme block with Twig

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Yesterday, I wondered how to create a custom form theme block with Twig. My problem was to display two radio inputs with a specific rendering.

I didn’t find the solution in the Symfony2 documentation, but the process is easy. Let me explain :

The custom form theme block

I wanted to use the following block. As you see, in addition to the specific p element, the div and their specific classes, the big difference with the native Twig form_row method is that the radio labels are not in a label tag (but there is a label tag for the parent form field).

{# Obtao/AcmeBundle/Resources/Form/obtao_form_layout.html.twig #}
{% extends "form_div_layout.html.twig" %} {# we extends the Twig base layout as you usually do #}

{% block form_radio %}
{% spaceless %}
    <p class="checkbox-field">
        {{ form_label(form) }}
        {% for child in form %}
            <div class="radio-item">
                {{ form_widget(child) }}
                {{ child.vars.label|trans }}
        {% endfor %}
{% endspaceless %}
{% endblock form_radio %}

But if I use in a template like this :

{# somewhere in Obtao/AcmeBundle/Resources/views/Acme/template.html.twig #}
{{ form_radio(form.myRadioField) }}

I have the following error :
The function “form_radio” does not exist in /my/path/src/Obtao/AcmeBundle/Resources/views/Acme/template.html.twig at line XX

The solution is to tell to Twig that you want to use this new block.

Create the Twig extension

Simply create a new class that will list all your new blocks :


namespace Obtao\AcmeBundle\Twig\Extension;

class FormExtension extends \Twig_Extension

    public function getFunctions()
        return array(
            'form_radio'   => new \Twig_Function_Node('Symfony\Bridge\Twig\Node\SearchAndRenderBlockNode', array('is_safe' => array('html'))),

    public function getName()
        return 'obtao_form_extension';

And do not forget to register this new extension by tagging it with twig.extension :

<!-- Obtao\AcmeBundle\Resources\config\services.xml -->
<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<container xmlns=""
        <service id="obtao.form.extension" class="Obtao\AcmeBundle\Twig\Extension\FormExtension">
            <tag name="twig.extension" />

Now you can use your new block to render any part of a form field.
Do not forget to use your custom form theme with one of the following methods :

1) Define your theme for all the templates in config.yml :

    # ...
            - "ObtaoAcmeBundle:Form:obtao_form_layout.html.twig"

2) Define your theme for the current template only :
{# in your template, above the form #}
{% form_theme form 'ObtaoAcmeBundle:Form:obtao_form_layout.html.twig' %}

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